CLICK HERE for a PDF of the most current update of course maintenance schedules including, but not limited to course conditions as well as the aerification of greens for most of our participating golf courses for our summer membership program.  This will be updated as needed throughout the Summer so you can always play under the best conditions possible.  We updated this file Wednesday, August 7- 99% complete - should be very helpful as to which clubs are cart paths only or not and who has aerified greens or not.  We will update the file as the weather dictates.

Please be advised that clubs do alter their maintenance schedules without informing us so the information contained within is subject to change. Also, during rainy periods a course can be forced to keep carts on paths.  If you become aware of something different about a golf course than what was published, please email us at so we can update the information

Please make sure that when you are booking a tee time that you ask if there has been any maintenance programs that have been done to impact the golf course  or if there are cart path only restrictions regardless of what the above schedule says, just to be safe.